2011-2012 Executive Board

Chris Pyon, President:

Hi my name is Chris Pyon and I am excited to be your President of KSA this year. I’m from Dallas Texas and I LOVE the DALLAS COWBOYS! I also like to chill with friends and have a good time. I look forward to meeting and getting to know all the members of KSA at the KSA gbm’s and other events this year!




Nayoung Kim, VP External:

Hello everyone! My name is Nayoung Kim and I am the Vice President of External Affairs for KSA. I am currently a Junior pursuing a double-degree in Communication (Public Relations) and Art Studio. I
enjoy playing volleyball, swimming, and playing poker:). I am responsible for keeping in touch with other organizations off campus and to help everyone else within KSA. If you have any questions about upcoming events, feel free to contact me. See you all soon!^^

David Yeom, VP Internal:

Hi everyone, my name is David Yeom and I am currently a junior communications major. I am a black belt 1st degree in kumdo and have been practicing for 7+ years. For anyone interested in kumdo feel free to let me know and I can introduce you to an awesome school (dojang). I love movies and my favorite genre are the brain teasers or suspenseful movies. I still enjoy action, comedy, drama and yes even chick flicks. I am a huge video game fan and among my favorite games are heroes of newerth, modern warfare, and super smash brothers. I really love to enjoy a good book every now and then and I am a huge harry potter fan. Sure you may be reading this and calling me one of the dorkiest guys ever but at least it beats being boring.

Steven Houh, Treasurer:

Hey guys, my name is Steven Houh, and I am a finance/information systems major.   I grew up in Bethesda, Maryland where I enjoy hanging out with friends and broing out at the gym. Im the current treasurer of KSA and brother of Phi Gamma Delta FIJI.   With that said, this year I hope to work with KSA to provide a great opportunity for incoming as well as current students to forge a strong community at the University of Maryland.

Tae Yang, Secretary:

Hi everyone my name is Tae Yang and I am a Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering major from Towson. I love to play tennis, piano and video games. A lot of people expect me to sing and dance well because of my name but I am horrible at those 🙂 Maybe someone can teach me though because that would be fun! I enjoy hanging out and spending times with people so let me know if you want to hang out! I also love Korean food, so I’m always willing to go out and get some Korean BBQ. Oh and if anyone plays Starcraft2 or League of Legends, add me: Cincikata. I expect a fun year overall and some quality time with the e-board.

Sammy Park, Public Relations chair:

Hi my name is Sammy Park and I’m a junior majoring in Communications (Public Relations) and minoring in Korean. I am Korean, and kinda fluent in it, I guess. I love most Korean things, especially music! NO ONE LOVES 소녀시대 MORE THAN I DO…THIS IS A FACT!!! I actually only have Korean music on my iPod, minus AMP, so that kinda explains my love for k-pop. If I could have any job in the world, I would totally be in a Korean idol group 🙂 I also like sports. Definitely a Redskin and Wizards fan! GOTTA HATE THEM COWBOYS! I don’t mind it when people make fun of me for liking teams with losing records, cause it’s been like this my whole life -_- So for KSA, I’m the public Relations officer, and it would be nice if you guys would come out cause we have some fun stuff planned! See you then 🙂

Jae Hee No, Event Coordinator:

My name is Jae Hee No and I am a junior family science major from Silver Spring, MD. Some of my hobbies include baking yummy desserts, eating/trying out restaurants in the dc area and catching up on the latest korean dramas. Other than my position in KSA, I am a preschool sunday school teacher at my church, I work at the alumni office on campus and I am a junior instructor at kumon. I look forward to meeting new members of ksa and bonding through fun and exciting events!

Kelly Jun, Fundraising Chair:

My name is Kelly Jun and Iʼm the fundraising chair of this 2011-2012 school year. Iʼm a sophomore and am currently majoring in letters and sciences. I was born and raised in Hyattsville, MD (the hood). In my free time I like to watch kdramas, cook, and play with friends. I plan on having a lot of fun and yummy fundraising activities this year so come out and support KSA! If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to play email me. Iʼm open to any suggestions for fundraisers, so let me know what you guys want to see from us!

Christine Lee, MKSO Representative:

Sung Min Kim, Historian:

My name is Sung-Min Kim and I’m currently undecided but looking to make a decision soon. I currently live in Bel Air dorm in University of Maryland campus but I live in Pohang, South Korea during summer vacations. My hobbies include watching and analyzing Major League Baseball and Korean baseball, playing guitar (writing tunes occasionally), writing, exercising (lifting weights, cardio, baseball drills) and in the campus, I am a member of WMUC radio, Satanic Mechanics, and Arts Scholars program. I am a moderator of the biggest Simpsons fan forum on web (NoHomersClub), and am currently contributing for a new pop-culture discussion website For this academic year, I look forward to interacting more with other organizations to make more cultural interactions and connections for our and their sake of experience and knowledge.

Christine Lien, Webmaster:

Hey all, my name is Christine Lien and I am a junior Broadcast Journalism major. I am ethnically Chinese. Wait this isn’t CSA? Anyways I am here to show you all that you don’t have to be Korean to be involved in KSA, heck you can be an alien and join KSA –we love anyone and everyone and I hope this year KSA will put on awesome events that bring in a diverse mix of people.  Other than KSA, I am a brother of Alpha Phi Omega Co-ed Service Fraternity, staff member of Kollaboration DC, and I also work at the Asian American Studies Program on campus. Some of my hobbies include photography, graphic design, dj’ing, listening to house/electro/dub, playing guitar, watching TRUE BLOOD, and running my dessert blog Sweet Treats DC. Be sure to check it out if you have a sweet tooth like me!